Machinery Auctioneers

Machinery Auctioneers – Use the Professionals at Rabin

Rabin’s machinery auctioneers, appraisers, and project managers are all seasoned experts and our auctions are exceptionally organized and professional.  As a family-held industrial auction and real estate investment company, we focus on acquisitions and sales of industrial equipment and facilities.  Our decades of experience in the industry have allowed us to assist companies with selling equipment assets from every industrial sector and on every continent in the world.

Rabin’s Seasoned Machinery Auctioneers

Rabin’s considerable size means we can deliver a level of personal service and attention that makes a difference when auctioning machinery.  Our team of experts work together to evaluate, market, and sell industrial assets with the goal of realizing the maximum value for each client’s distinct situation. Rabin’s asset appraisal services provide the first step with accurate valuations on machinery and equipment.  The subsequent reports are based on our proficiency in the field and actual sales. 

Furthermore, a project manager will oversee your auction to ensure everything is done to your specific instructions.  Our customized services are designed to address companies’ unique needs.  You will find our machinery auctioneers are the best in the field.  They have the necessary tools to sell assets quickly and make use of an extensive network to target buyers.

We conduct our sales utilizing hands-on philosophy and attention to detail executed by our proven management team with its unparalleled domain expertise. Our systems are designed to begin promoting sales the moment the deal is confirmed. Our marketing is customized for each sale and combines a powerful and cost-effective mix of advanced media methods: online ad buys; social networking sites; email campaigns; display ads; direct mail and more. Beyond media promotions, we directly reach out to our closest industry contacts and personally invite them to participate.

Another benefit of using Rabin is that we have the financial ability to conduct auctions of any size on behalf of our clients, and when called for, the ability to purchase complete factories.  Our auctions provide clients:

  • A dedicated sales team and an aggressive advertising campaign
  • An extensive international buyer base that gets equipment assets to the buyers who need them
  • Detailed item photos on within 36 hours for immediate marketplace discovery
  • A refined database for quick marketing to a targeted worldwide audience using a blend of traditional and progressive media

Rabin is an international company that specializes in complex manufacturing facilities with idle or marginally productive assets.  Rabin’s operations include selling entire plants, multiple plant locations, or surplus individual items by auction or liquidation and much more. Past auctions include recognizable names such as Hostess, Braniff Airlines, Montgomery Ward, and the Railway Express Agency.  If you have surplus equipment to sell, use our team of seasoned appraisers, project managers, and machinery auctioneers.