Richard Reese

President & CEO As CEO of Rabin, Rich oversees all international acquisitions and auction deals, as well as running every major deal in the U.S. Rich runs the Rabin auction process from the set up of the assets to the final walk through of a factory. Throughout his career at Rabin, Rich has performed practically every operational role in the company and after nearly forty years in the business, Rich is meticulous about the auction process. He wouldn’t admit it, but he is one of the best valuators in the business. To this day, Rich’s favorite place to be is climbing up a big piece of machinery on the factory floor.

Shira Weissman

COO & General Counsel Shira oversees the legal and business affairs at Rabin and manages the day-to-day operations of the company. She runs the acquisition process on real estate and equipment deals, from contract negotiation to closing. She also has built strategic relationships with banks, attorneys and bankruptcy trustees and is always looking for the next deal. Prior to joining Rabin, Shira practiced law at Baker & McKenzie in Chicago, focusing on litigation and international arbitration. She received a JD with honors from Northwestern University and a BA from University of Michigan. Shira is admitted to practice law in California and Illinois. When not chasing a deal, Shira loves making a mess in her kitchen and hiking around Mt Tam with her husband and three children.

Ariel Rabin

Principal Ari directs the acquisition process at Rabin Management Company- managing the negotiation and due diligence process in acquisitions of commercial and multifamily real estate, as well as overseeing the underwriting and financial modeling of new investments. Ari also develops and maintains broker relations and has developed networks with various financing institutions. Previously, Ari worked as an aerospace engineer, conducting research for NASA and working on top-secret projects for a defense company. Ari has an MBA with a focus in finance and real estate from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA, and an aerospace engineering degree from UC Davis. Ari spends every minute away from the office with his wife, climbing mountains, just to ski back down them.

Daniel Rabin

Principal Daniel manages the repositioning of distressed assets and the redevelopment of value-add opportunities at Rabin Management Company. Daniel oversees all leasing activity in the commercial buildings and negotiates each new lease. Dani has developed strong relationships within the brokerage community and is responsible for the growth and expansion of Rabin’s commercial real estate portfolio. Dani also maintains investor relations and can be found meeting and greeting with people around San Francisco. Dani graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in management and business. When not running a company, he loves running, backpacking, skiing- virtually all wilderness adventures.

Orlee Rabin

Principal Orlee oversees Human Resources at Rabin and supervises the day-to-day operations of the company. She also manages business operations for RMC. Prior to joining Rabin, Orlee worked as the Director of New Generations at the New Israel Fund, organizing events and programming. Orlee has a Dual MA from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and is a certified Mediator. When not working for Rabin, Orlee loves cooking, making furniture and DIY projects with her husband, and tries to spend plenty of time in the outdoors, whether hiking, surfing, or camping.

Keith Rottman

Senior Vice President of Auctions & Chief Appraiser Keith manages the appraisal team and is in charge of securing all appraisal deals at Rabin. Keith personally attends to each appraisal client and works with the team to produce outstanding reports. Keith also runs Rabin's 24/7 online auction sales and works with the technical team to run the online auctions from start to check out. When he’s not working you will find him trying to stay ahead of the yard work and riding his bike.

Hazel Tria

Director of Auctions Operations If you have been to a Rabin auction, chances are you have met Hazel. She has been helping customers and taking their money with a smile since 1986. She is involved in all aspects of operations from managing the auction office to accounts payable. When she isn't losing sleep thinking about work, she’s probably obsessing about recycling office supplies.

Irina Okun

Controller Irina is the Controller for Rabin and has been with the company for over 20 years. Irina runs all the accounting and balance sheets for every equipment and industrial real estate transaction that Rabin conducts and has built strong relationships with our banking and financial institutions and auction partners over the years. Irina handles all the insurance needs of the company. Originally from the former Soviet Union, Irina considers the company her second family. When she’s not crunching auction numbers, Irina is probably making someone laugh hysterically or shopping for shoes.

Marisol Tria

Director of Operations Marisol oversees all aspects of auction logistics and manage Rabin website. From coordinating hotel and travel arrangements, to booking auction venues, and setting up the audio/video support, Marisol is our in house jack of all trades. She also assists the appraisal department in the development and production of appraisal packages. Before joining Rabin, Marisol worked in event production for large sporting events in Hong Kong and loves to organize events and gatherings.

Laura Reid

Director of Marketing Laura leads marketing strategy efforts, initial business development, and assists with auction administration for Rabin. Prior to joining Rabin, Laura managed the record label and live music events for a luxury retailer, and previously worked for IBM Global Services. Her business development research satisfies her childhood desire to be a librarian by day and private detective by night. Away from the office, she can usually be found designing terrariums. If you manage to pry plants from her hand, she loves to attend baseball and hockey games, travel, bake cupcakes and plan game nights with friends.

Nate Ellis

Senior Vice President of Real Estate Nate is involved in both the acquisition and management of industrial real estate projects at Rabin. Nate manages the redevelopment and repositioning of the property as well as overseeing construction, parceling, and all related activities to redevelopment, leasing and the disposition of the asset. Nate is adept at building strong relationships with local stakeholders and working closely with cities and municipalities. Prior to joining Rabin, Nate worked on several development projects, where he was responsible for the development/redevelopment of over 11 million square feet of commercial space. Nate graduated from UC Davis with an MBA in Finance, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior. When not working, he loves to fish, hike, ski and spend time with his family outdoors

Linda Little

Controller Linda is Controller for Rabin Management Company and manages the financial reporting, budgeting and tax reporting for the properties and entities at RMC. Linda specializes in Yardi and QuickBooks software and previously worked for a number of high-net-worth family businesses in the Bay Area before joining Rabin. When she’s not keeping our numbers in order, you can find Linda on the golf course where she could give Tiger a run for his money!

Kendra Marshall

Vice President of Asset Management Kendra handles all of the property management issues that arise at Rabin Management Company and oversees all tenant relations. She works with financial institutions and the legal team during the financing and due diligence processes in new acquisitions. Before joining Rabin in 2013, Kendra worked at a residential real estate group in Colorado & a multi-family development & management firm in Texas. She has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Texas Rangers baseball, but can be found cheering on the Giants after her barre method classes.

Tommy Kuang

Property Accountant Tommy handles all accounting related activities for the properties managed by Rabin Management Company. Prior to joining the Rabin team, Tommy served four years in the United States Marine Corps, where he learned the true meaning of hard work and self-discipline. After his military service, he attended San Francisco State University and graduated with a degree in finance. Tommy’s professional accounting experience include working for international and regional property management companies as well as a local Michelin two stars restaurant. Outside of work, he enjoys going to the movies and hanging out with family and friends.

Michael Bank

Senior Consultant Michael is responsible for originating and structuring the acquisitions of equipment and real estate deals at Rabin. Michael, aka “the Banker” follows a deal from a lead to the final disposition of the assets, with a focus on complex real estate transactions. Michael has over 30 years of experience in the capitalization of distressed assets and has a network of personal contacts with banks, equipment dealers, brokers and bankruptcy firms. Michael joined Rabin in 1985, with a previous career in banking. When not chasing deals, Michael enjoys hanging out on his houseboat in Sausalito with his dog.

Eran Ben-Avi

Consultant Eran is responsible for originating, qualifying, managing and closing our international real estate and machinery & equipment transactions. Prior to joining Rabin, Eran worked in investment banking at Credit Suisse and later at GCA Savvian where he preformed financial modeling, valuation analysis and strategic analysis for his clients on private capital and M&A transactions. Before that, Eran also worked as a corporate attorney in Israel where he focused on M&As and private financings. Eran received his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. and LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Eran is a licensed attorney and member of the Israeli Bar Association. When not crunching numbers and creatively strategizing, Eran enjoys playing hoops, debating policies and spending time with his beautiful wife and three girls.